Salem Wedding Cakes

Every part of your wedding plans is important. But we realize that there are a couple of items that you really want to shine. What bride doesn't want the most amazing dress that she can find? But not too far behind the dress is your wedding cake. You want it to be memorable in every way. You want it to be creative, decorative, and to taste amazing. There are some amazing cakes designers in the Salem area that are just itching to have a chance to create and bake your special cake. Now, this is where the fun comes in. You are going to have a chance to look at some absolutely delightful cake designs from classical and traditional to cutting edge modern creations. The sky is truly the limit. It is all in your hands. So, as you head out into the Salem area looking for the perfect designer and baker for your wedding, get ready to act like a police inspector as you try and track down the one for you.

Your cake design is totally up to you, we just want to make sure that you realize that you are no longer wedded to a traditional look. We realize that most people have a per-conceived notion of what a wedding cake should be. But that doesn't mean that is the way it has to be. Modern designers can give you anything. It would be a good thing if you would start looking at wedding cake photos and get a sense of what you really like. When you find something that knocks you out, cut out the picture or print it off.

If you are wondering how much a professional wedding cake is going to cost you, we have to say that there is a very wide range. The cost is usually talked about in terms of per slice cost. We have seen some that cost $1.50 per slice and then there are some that are as high as $20 a slice. What accounts for this range? The more complicated the design, the more you are going to pay. Also, topping can play a huge role in determining cost. Ask each candidate that you interview what they can do within your budget range. Start compiling a list of cake designer/bakers that you find online, from magazines, and from family and friends. Try to find reviews on each candidate on your list. Look their name up on Google, if anything bad has ever been said about them online, it will pop up. Look at their online portfolio. You want to make sure whoever you consider has a lot of experience. You should find some that deserve a deeper look. Contact those that do and setup an interview.

Ask each candidate to bring samples for you to taste. This is an absolute must. Do the work with trendy designs and flavors? What is their philosophy of flavors? Do they create cakes with multiple flavors? How much of a deposit do they require to reserve their services? How far in advance will your cake be baked. This is important because you want your cake to be fresh, not frozen. If they say anything other than fresh, move to your next candidate.

Find out how your cake will be displayed. Look at examples and discuss the options. Are they willing to work with your florist if needed? Who will supply the tablecloths? Will your venue need to supply refrigeration up until the time that the cake will be cut? You need to know all of these details now so you can make an informed decision. When you feel a comfort level with one of your candidates, ask the designer to provide you with a contract to sign. You are not all set in terms of your cake needs.

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